Sword Carolina Online is your online HEMA school. New to or interested in HEMA? Want to use a Longsword, but don’t know how to hold it yet? Unable to find an experienced group, or any group, where you live? An old veteran but still a student, always looking for fresh ideas? Whoever you are, we have something for you. We have high quality video series covering such topics as Basics & Concepts, Techniques & Classes, and Drills & Exercises. Whether you want to watch our weekly Sword Carolina classes, a simple footwork drill, or a detailed technique interpretation, we have what you need. Inside are hours of content ready for you with a focus on German Longsword, with new teachings uploaded regularly. Learn from our experience: our mistakes and our successes. It is easy to join, and you can cancel your membership at any time. Let us help you get off to a faster, better start than we did on your HEMA journey.

All memberships renew automatically monthly via PayPal from the date of signup.  Cancel at anytime.

The Academy was created with leaders in mind. Whether you are heading up a HEMA study group, thinking of starting a group, or considering training others, this is the place for you. The Academy includes everything Sword Carolina Online has to offer PLUS has unique content specifically created with you in mind. We have step-by-step Lesson Plans from our weekly classes that you could use as is, or adapt to your own unique teaching style. You can learn how to Build Yourself into a more effective leader and teacher and Build Your Group in the process. Sword Carolina has operated professionally as a full-time, dedicated HEMA school for years. HEMA is a worthy hobby and personal pursuit, yet it can also be a career and professional pursuit. In The Academy, you get personal access to and mentorship from Aaron and Josh. Find out what worked for us, what didn’t, and what could work for you.

All memberships renew automatically monthly via PayPal from the date of signup.  Cancel at anytime.

Level Price  
Sword Carolina Online $15.00 per Month. Select
The Academy $35.00 per Month. Select

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Enjoy these samples. Members will have access to much more, all in full-screen.