Young Knight, learn:

Love God and honor women, and so your honor earn.

-Johannes Liechtenauer

If you easily fright, do not learn to fight.

-Sigmund Schining ein Ringeck.

What’s Sword Carolina

We are part of an international revival of the martial arts of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. These times were violent and turbulent, but the people of them were not mindless barbarians. They developed sophisticated and effective fighting styles to survive in combat, in duels, or in the streets.
Sword Carolina teaches the Kunst des Fechtens of the Holy Roman Empire (Medieval Germanic states). We seek to honor God with our efforts, as did the Masters of old.

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Train Online with Sword Carolina

Sword Carolina Online is your online HEMA school. Getting into HEMA or beginning HEMA training? Want to use a Longsword, but don’t know how to hold it yet? Unable to find an experienced group or any HEMA club near where you live? An old veteran but still a student, always looking for fresh ideas? Whoever you are, we have something for you.

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Ongoing Video List

-Historical Sources
-What is HEMA?
-Interpreting HEMA
-Martial Art “vs.” Sport
-Solo Drilling
-Partner Drilling
-Know the Rules…
-Partner Drill 2.0
-Discomfort vs. Pain
-How Every Drill Should End
-Information Gatherers vs. Practicers


-Introduction to Basics
-Balanced Stance and Basic Steps
-The Longsword Explained
-Strength, Speed, Skill
-4 Openings & 4 Guards
-3 Attacks & Ranges
-Vor, Nach, Indes
-Bind Interpretation
-Vorschlag & Nachschlag
-“Unbalanced” Steps
-Moving from Guard to Guard
-Basic 4 Openings Drill
-Frequens Motus
-Range and Control
-Winden, Vor to Nach
-Winden, Quick Reaction
-Moving Backwards
-Slap the Back
-Thrusting Rings
-Focus Pads
-4 Blossen Variations
-Advanced Slap the Back
-Footwork 1.0 Purpose
-Footwork Drill 1.1 Passing Step
-Short Edge Cuts, pt. 1
-Short Edge Cuts, pt. 2
-Winden Floor Drill
-45º Passing Step
-Lateral Movement
-Wind & Thrust, w/ Ben Floyd
-Gauntlet Drills
-Passing Step Variations
-Drills of the Week, 1/15
-Warm Ups
-Push-up Scaling
-The Cross
-Agility Footwork
-Calf Raises
-Tabata Circuit #1
-Rolling Pushup
-Tabata Circuit #2
-Bar Complex
-Simon Says Burpees
-Warmup of the Week 1/15
-Duplieren & Mutieren

-Zornhau against the Thrust,
Mair’s Longsword
-The First Two Oberhau, Mair’s Halberd
-The First Binding, Mair’s Dagger
-Krumphau from Both Sides, Mair’s Longsword
-The Underhau from Both Sides, Mair’s Halberd

-The Crossed Wechsel Against the Abnemen, Mair’s Halberd

-A Gesicht Stoss Against a Prusthau, Mair’s Halberd

-The Zwirchhau From Both Sides, Mair’s Longsword

-Leckuchner’s Messer, Zornhau Part 1

-Leckuchner’s Messer, Two Counters to the Zorn

-Leckuchner’s Messer, Zwerch from the Zorn

-Zornhau Ort
-Wallerstein Ringen am Schwert
-Martin Huntfeltz Dagger, pt. 1-2
-Schnappen & Abschneiden
-Messer: Duplieren & Mutieren
-Schielhau & Counters
-Döbringer Selections
-Vier Versetzen, Simple Cuts
-Vier Versetzen, Master Cuts
-Messer Nehmen
-Messer Zornhau Ort
-Winden und Wunder
-Krumphau to the Hands
-Krump Short
-Schielhau vs. Longpoint
-Schielhau Durchwechseln
-Ansetzen & Other Thrusts
-Your Ego
-Other People’s Egos
-Develop Your Skill
-People Skills
-Are You Good Enough
-Importance of Fitness
-Teaching Hazard
-Thick Skin
-Goal Setting & Accountability
-Thought Process
-Be Bold…and Smart
-Count the Cost
-School Basics
-Preparing a Lesson Plan
-Group Dynamics
-Coaching a Partner Drill
-Introductory Lessons
-Word of Mouth Advertising
-Dollars & Sense 1
-People, Not Persons
-Dollars & Sense 2
-Interview with Loch of WoA
-Tournament Series #1: Preparation

-Tournaments #2: Competing

-Tournaments #3: Coaching
-Coached Sparring

-Correcting the Zornhau

The Academy was created with leaders in mind. Whether you are heading up a HEMA study group, starting a HEMA club, or considering training others, this is the place for you. The Academy includes everything Sword Carolina Online has to offer PLUS has unique content specifically created with you in mind.

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Why choose Sword Carolina?

Physical. Improve strength, speed, coordination, and conditioning 90%
Unique. A martial art separate from the masses 98%
Historical. Real Medieval Techniques, Not Movie Moves 99%